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We're back!

After a month for renovations, we reopened on October 22nd with a fresh new café offer

Food with a difference

We now have a partnership with the wonderful Ediblelinks, and through them we are able to purchase food wastage that would otherwise be going to landfill at a reduced price. This means our food helps the environment, but also means we can keep our costs low for both us as a charity and you as our customers!

When you come in, you may see that things look a little different in the café. We have created a new self serve area, where you can get sandwiches, cakes and continental breakfast items immediately.

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We have a brand new free refill station for tea and coffee, meaning you can come up again and again for tea and coffee. Just ask for a refill mug at the till!

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Every day we serve hot cooked breakfast between 9.30am-11.30am, and then hot special main dishes and jacket potatoes from 12-2pm. Our specials change every day, so you will get something different each time you come in!

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Our children's play area is still open for business! Come and enjoy a drink or bite to eat and let your little ones play.

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New Staff

We now have three new members of staff. If you see them around, please welcome them!

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Athena - Café Lead

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Harriet - Café Assistant

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Tom - Café Assistant