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Stallholder Spotlight - Handcrafters Hub

Every Wednesday we turn the spotlight on one of our stallholders. This week it is The Handcrafters Hub, run by the wonderful Gail Dodd.

Gail specialises in handmade weighted blankets, lap pads and scarves. These are used as an effective treatment for children and young adults showing the symptoms of sensory processing challenges such as anxiety, autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, ADD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, PTSD, Aspergers and stress. They have also been shown to be beneficial in users with Restless Leg Syndrome and sleeping disorders. Gail's blankets come in a variety of fun, colourful, kid-friendly fabrics.

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Alongside this Gail stocks a range of haberdashery items, from buttons, pre-cut ribbons and bells to rolls of felt, fabric fat quarters and wadding

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Come and visit our stalls, which are all run by local people who run local businesses.

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