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Renovation Progress Update

Our workers have been hard at work renovating our building.

The building is already looking completely different, with a fresh undercoat of paint up, and colour about to go on the walls. As we get closer and closer to being able to open, our excitement is growing about launching this amazing project.

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Two of our wonderful workers, celebrating the donation of paint that we recently received from Brewers in Nuneaton. We love their enthusiasm for the task at hand!

We aim for our space to be a multipurpose, beautiful facility, with space to shop local businesses, learn something new and enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee, all under one roof! For more information on our vision, why not visit the tab at the top of the page.

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Interested in getting involved?

If you feel called to donate your time to us by volunteering in some capacity, or want to donate services or materials, please get in touch. Whether you are a charity, church, organisation or an individual we appreciate every bit of support we receive, and it takes us one step closer to achieving our vision of bringing community transformation to the heart of Nuneaton.

IMG 2059
A fresh undercoat and our stunning tiled floor
IMG 2061
Our beautiful stained glass windows
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Furnishings are starting to arrive