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Your Farmer Meals
Food Hampers

Christmas Food Hamper Giveaway

From the 19th-23rd December we made it our mission to distribute Christmas dinner in a bag to families and individuals facing hardship this Christmas, and who might need a bit of Christmas cheer.

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Over the course of several days we were able to pack and distribute 180 food hampers, each of which contained a bag of mixed fresh veg (including carrots, parsnips, onions, swedes and potatoes), a frozen stuffed meat joint and a box of frozen pigs in blankets. Any children in the families each got a kids goody bag including a selection box, a nativity story book and a Christmas colouring book.

From 180 hampers given:

394 people were fed, including 168 children and 226 adults. We are so thankful for the support we received for this programme, from the local council, from volunteers and local churches, and from funders. This year has been hard for all and desperate for many, and we are honoured to have had the opportunity to make Christmas day a little brighter for a few.

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80 Hampers for residents of new Emergency Accommodation

We are pleased to have partnered with NABCEL to support 80 families and individuals in emergency housing. We also have to thank the wonderful PCSO Sanela for her support in packing and distribution of these!

100 hampers to families and individuals in the community

We gave the other 100 hampers to families and individuals in the community who were facing hardship at Christmas time.

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Delicious food from a farm with a difference

The fresh vegetables and frozen meat came from the wonderful Your Farmer, who we have a continual partnership with. Their food is high quality, sustainably farmed, produced and packaged, and buying from them puts food on the table of people in food crisis through their farming food bank scheme. To read more about our Partnership with Your Farmer, head over to the project page.

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