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Your Farmer Meals
Food Hampers

Your Farmer Meals

We are excited to be hosting 'Your Farmer' as a stallholder in Saints, and to be using their meals for frozen meal hamper giveaways.

The Your Farmer farm is based in Luton, and produces fresh, full-flavoured frozen produce, including meats, oven ready vegetable and potato side dishes and oven ready main meals. Your Farmer has achieved 'High Welfare' status, which means they achieve excellent working practices, beyond what is expected in day-to-day production, on a constant basis!

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The Farming Food Bank

Your Farmer not only produce high quality food at incredibly reasonable prices - they give it away too! When somebody purchases meals from Your Farmer, that purchase generates free meals which are distributed to people in food crisis through one of their 'Food Bank Partners'. We are so thrilled to be one of them, and to be able to distribute free food to those most in need in Nuneaton.

Where can I buy the meals?

We will be stocking the meals in a freezer in the Saints cafe, so you can come and browse the selection, and bring one to our market stalls till as normal to purchase.

Your Farmer also have an app which you can download, which allows you to order online, this is available in most app stores and is free to download!

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Food hamper giveaways

During the pandemic we have been running food hamper giveaways during particularly challenging times to support low income families and individuals, free school meals families and anyone who has hit hard times. Job loss and financial strain has been amplified during this time, and many have been unexpectedly pushed into food crisis.

"I’m a self employed hairdresser and my business has really struggled, and universal credit is taking too long to reach my bank account, so this really helps" - Someone who collected a Saints food hamper

We want to show a little love to our town, and so we have obtained funding to give out free hampers on several occasions. We are pleased to say we have been able to give out nearly 500 food hampers so far, and have reached 197 households, many of who come regularly! We hope to continue to do our bit to help as much as we are able to as the pandemic continues to wreak havoc in our lives.

"I’ve got autistic children and they are really struggling because there is no routine, and it’s been really difficult at home. Just knowing people are there to help is so great" - Parent who collected a Saints food hamper
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"We’ve never tried buffalo beef before and you can tell it’s really good quality and healthy. My kids ate every last bit!"

A family who receive a food hamper

Put food on someone else's table

When you buy a meal through the Your Farmer App or website, a free one is generated and distributed to someone in food crisis. A way to help others from the comfort of your own home!

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