Introducing our brand new partnership with the amazing Cassey's Beauty Box, offering beauty treatments inside Saints.

The story so far...

Back when we first opened in January 2020, Cassey and her sister Meghan joined us sharing a stall to help grow their businesses. They had been awarded a bursary to have a stall for a year with us. During that time, Cassey began running her wildly successful 'Mummy/Daddy Does Hair' classes, helping parents and even grandparents learn how to do their children's hair. By the end of her year with us, Cassey was ready to move on up and hire a chair at a salon, the wonderful 'Beauty Loft'. Now Cassey is back to join us, having grown her business to have a wonderful group of regular customers, and to offer a wide range of treatments. We are so excited to host Cassey here again!

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What's on offer?

Check out the price lists below to find out what treatments are on offer:

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How do I book?

To book on, head over to Cassey's online booking form here

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