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Fair Trading

Meet Terry Salter! He is passionate about stocking a wide range of fairly traded, beautiful items.

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"I have sold Fairtrade for 21 years in Nuneaton, but this was through the Sycamore Tree which sadly closed in April 2016. Since then I have only had temporary shops in Nuneaton, so I am excited about this opportunity to sell in the Enterprise Zone at Saints."

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Food, Drink and Groceries

From delicious Divine chocolate bars, to Fairtrade tea's and coffee's, from cookies to chilli sauces, there is something for every palette on the Fair Trading stall! Furthermore, check out the selection of cleaning products.

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Home Decor

Fair Trading stocks candles, decorative bowls, baskets, photo frames, place mats and so much more, perfect to decorate your home with.

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Cards, Bags, Scarves and more

Find the perfect gift for someone special to you, with a great range of cards, scarves and embroidered bags.

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Visit the Fair Trading stall today

We want to support local businesses, and so we encourage you to come down and give Terry's stall a visit!

Find out when we are open